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Ida B. Wells Athletics Update

04/12/2021, 8:30am PDT
By Mike Nolan, Athletic Director

“There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.” – Derek Jeter Greetings Sports Fans!
We have officially ended Season 2 and now onto Season 3. Our spring programming is in full swing with contests starting this week and I want to reiterate how much we appreciate our coaches, student-athletes, and community for all of your time and energy. We had parents learning how to livestream to provide content, adjusted transportation schedules, and all the while sharing a facility with Lincoln as they go through their rebuild. Again, you all are so appreciated for all you do for our school and community.

Season Three-
Spectators-We are able to host spectators at our home and away PIL events. Some schools and districts are still not allowing spectators. With that being said, when we are on the Ida B. Wells Campus, please try to maintain socially distancing when appropriate and please wear your masks. We are still awaiting guidance on how many spectators we can have at Track Meets. Thank you for your patience as we navigate changing protocols.

Our Baseball Program has a big week this week with a full slate of games. Coach Shetler and his staff continue to find innovative ways to grow the Baseball Program. They have an outstanding senior group who I know is eager to compete.

The Softball Program is under new management with some familiar faces. Head Coach, Ashley Reeves, brings back her sister, Emily and Greg Soule, to help steer the program. We are super excited to see the program take off with Ashley at the helm.
Track and Field has a stable of coaches who have a ton of experience providing a balanced and competitive program to our community. I am sure they are eager to go out and compete with a great
senior class anchoring the program.

Our Women’s Golf Program is loaded and poised to make a run with a solid returning group and some young up and comers. Coach Kolesar and Titus continue to provide and inclusive and competitive
programming for our student-athletes.

Coach Widman and the Men’s Golf Program is in the similar situation with a great group of returners and new faces to the program. He too, continues to build an outstanding golf program for our
community and he is a Wilson Grad!

Our Women’s Tennis Program continues to build a foundation of inclusivity and competitiveness under the leadership of Coach Daigle and Kirk. They continue to adapt and find ways to innovate the program.

The Men’s Tennis Team continues to have steady leadership from Head Coach, Sussman and Burcham. They have consistently provided a quality and equitable experience for all of their players.

Women’s Lacrosse has a core group coming back with some new faces to the program as well. We cannot thank Coach Vacanti and Salinas for providing steady leadership this year for our program.

Finally, Coach MacDicken is back leading the Men’s Lacrosse Program this year. He has been a mainstay for the program and we cannot thank him enough for his leadership and his coaching staff for all they do as well!

Season 2, Re-Cap from Coaches-
Football- I would like to give special thanks to our seniors. Jayden Brannan, Anders Cozart, Dominic Duda, Rolin Griffiths, Logan Leybold, Andy McCorkle, Logan Moses, Cole Thomas and Jack
White......thank you all so much for making your last year of high school football such a special and successful beginning to our Ida B Wells Football Program! You have laid the foundation for the growth
of our program. Thank you all for your hard work, dedication and effort that you gave day in and day out! This season was a season like no other. We did not know if we would even have one until
after practices were supposed to start. Our players, families and coaches did a great job of rolling with the changes that occurred every week. After the late start and the ice storm, we had less than two weeks to install our offense, defense and special teams with a brand new coaching staff. The players were very open to learning the new systems and they picked things up extremely fast. We started our season with a tough fought battle versus Roosevelt and followed that with a win against Madison. We had to battle through a few injuries the next couple of weeks along with many players being away for spring break. All the while through the first 4 weeks of our season, we could see the progress being made every single day. Our last week of football you could really see things coming together. Our
players returned from spring break and some of our injured players returned to be able to play. The team was getting more and more comfortable in our systems and their confidence was at the highest it
had been all season. In our final game, we played our best game of the season with very few mistakes and a confident, dominant performance to bring home a win to finish out the season! Our team showed heart, effort, dedication, and our program had improvement and made strides that have not been made in several years. The future is so very bright and we have our seniors to thank for setting the bar so high for our underclassmen and our underclassmen to thank for accepting that challenge to make next
season even better!!!! WE MARCH ON!!-Coach Bennett

Volleyball- Super grateful for the season of volleyball! It was great to see everyone and glad our student-athletes got to compete and our three seniors got to finish off their HS career playing. It was a quick season compacted with lots of matches and little practices, but full of great plays and fun. We had three teams this season, with all three competing at high levels. JV2 lost only four matches, while JV lost
only two all season. Varsity finished .500(7-7), facing Grant 5 times and Lincoln 4, but ending with a win against St. Helens on Sr night. Great way to finish, but .500 is not where we wanted to end up. Overall a great season and looking forward to fall. I cannot say thank you enough to those that made the season happen: AD team (Mike/Leanne), coaches (coach K & G), players and especially to the parents. Volunteering, working the book, score table, streaming, etc. Thank you, it was much appreciated. Thanks again seniors, best of luck Melia, Maya and Sophia! –Coach Mendak

Men’s Soccer- Men’s soccer finished with a record of five wins, four draws, and two losses, while remaining unbeaten at home. Highlights included a 3-2 come from behind win vs Centennial and a 1-1
draw against Franklin, last year’s state champions. The team benefitted from fantastic senior leadership that wrapped up their four-year journey with a victory in their final match. The future is bright, with significant contributions from five sophomores and one freshman. Senior Aaron Pinney was the offensive MVP with three goals and numerous assists, while sophomore Carter Kroenke was the defensive MVP having played every minute of the season.

Women’s Soccer- Women's soccer had a great season at all three levels. Our Varsity team showed improvement throughout the season, getting better and better each game, ultimately finishing with four wins, four losses, and two draws. It was a season with numerous leaders stepping up, and it was incredible to watch this team come together over such a short season. Both our JV and JV2 teams took huge steps forward this year. With 26 freshmen in the program, our young teams adjusted quickly the challenges of high school soccer and found their identity quickly and the results on the field followed. The whole program has a bright future ahead!
Thank you to all the players, coaches, parents, referees, bus drivers, school staff, and especially the Athletic Department for making this season possible. This season was a bright spot in a dark year for so
many - we are all incredibly thankful!

Cross Country- This week has been a truly historic week for the “Long Green Line” of Ida B Wells Cross Country.
To start off, our Varsity Girls denominated tremendous resilience and determination in their win at last Saturday's PIL culminating event. They won in grand fashion with a lead pack of Trojans that included
Charlotte Richman, Sylvia Ingram, and Annika Deazley. In addition, the freshmen sensations Josie Fale. Jordan Davies, Lily (Peanut) Roller and Carys Dhynes. Junior Charlotte Richman lit up the field with an unreal time of 18:05 (less than a 6-minute mile for 3 miles!) and won the event pulling away from the field.

The Varsity men’s team (Giuliano Scasso, Kipper Wilcox, Sully Maag, Kai Mitchell-Reiss, Luke Bexelius, Logan Bishoric, and Quentin Nelson) ran their hearts out, yet finished an extremely close third place to Lincoln and Franklin. Senior Guilano Scasso ran like the wind and finished second overall. A great dayfor the Trojans.
The JV Men and Women competed on Wednesday out at Lents Park. Each team competed extremely well and both placed 3rd respectively, in a very competitive JV division. There are too many wonderful individual performances to name, but it is safe to say that the future is very bright for both teams However, the main events for the week came on Saturday out at Rose City Golf course, where the
varsity teams competed in the Rose City Championship Invite. Without a true OSAA State Championship due to Covid restrictions, this invite was the largest meet around with many of the state’s top teams participating.
The men's varsity team (again - Giuliano Scasso, Kipper Wilcox, Sully Maag, Kai Mitchell-Reiss, Luke Bexelius, Logan Bishorbic, and Quentin Nelson) perhaps ran their collective best for the year. They finished fourth in an incredibly competitive field. In sports, it is really all about putting your best out there, when it counts the most. In addition, to a man, all our men ran either a personal or season best
time when it mattered. It was amazing to witness and seeing it in person makes me/you/us proud to be a Trojan!

The big news of the day was in the Women’s division. With our Trojans winning the Rose City Championship! Like the men, they saved their best for last and ran hard for each other. They pulled
away early and never looked back beating traditional powerhouses such as Lincoln, Ashland and Central Catholic. Charlotte Richman once again dominated the field and ran away with the individual
championship.  We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported our team this season. It has truly been a trying year, but it meant so much for us to represent you and the greater Ida B Wells community. 

Cheer- It's been a rollercoaster season but as coaches we couldn't be more proud of how our athletes have persevered. After 5 months of outdoor workouts, cheer was ecstatic about returning to the sidelines to cheer on our football team, especially to have an opportunity to celebrate our lone senior and two year Varsity Captain, Ashley Eddy.
Our competition season has begun and this week we're competing in the Pacer Invitational Virtual Competition, the second of four competitions we're participating in. We're also looking forward to the
middle school cheer clinic we're hosting starting on April 19th.

Nuggets for the week-“Transmutation: Grapes must be crushed to make wine. Diamonds form under pressure. Olives are pressed to release oil. Seeds grow in darkness. Whenever you feel crushed, under pressure, pressed, or in darkness, you’re in a powerful place of transformation/transmutation.”
― Lalah Delia, Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power
I. What Causes Mental Blocks?
The inability to think clearly can be caused or exacerbated by:
1. Lack of facts ― Solution: Do some research.
2. Lack of conviction ― Solution: Do it or recommend a better course of action.
3. Lack of a starting point ― Solution: Break the task into small tasks and just start.
4. Tunnel Vision ― Solution: Get some outside opinions.
5. Fatigue ― Solution: Get your rest.
“Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks
into building blocks.”
II. Growth: You're Not Lost
You are where you need to be...
 Growth requires infinite learning.
 Growth requires shedding + grieving.
 Growth requires discomfort + self-trust.
 Growth requires love + rest.
 Growth makes space for healing to happen.
 Growth makes space for forgiveness.
 Growth makes space for bravery.
 Growth makes space for new beginnings.
“Growth, to me, means getting lost and being okay with not knowing what's to come. We live in a
world that expects us to know how to maneuver and have our sh*t together by a certain age or life
stage. Instead of trying to fight with my emotional compass to find my way back when I'm lost, I leave
room in my journey for the unknown, for wonder and wandering.”
Source: Alexandra Elle, Words from a Wanderer
III. Winning is Everything: Myth vs. Reality
 Winning is important, but not as important as caring for the sick.
 Winning is important, but not as important as educating the youth.
 Winning is important, but not as important as feeding the hungry.
 Winning is important, but not as important as loving our fellow neighbor.
 Winning is important, but only if you win the big game: the game of life.

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