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Ida B. Wells Athletics Update

03/08/2021, 8:45am PST
By Mike Nolan, Athletic Director

Ida B. Wells Athletic Update 

“The principle is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you  were the day before.”– Steve Young 

Greetings Sports Fans! 
With a full week of competitions this past week, it was great to see our student-athletes competing! Our Cross Country Program had two meets with some terrific competition against some old rivals. The Volleyball Program got off to a strong start with two exciting matches against Madison and Grant. Both the Men’s and Women’s Soccer Program had two competitive non-league soccer matches and our Football program had a great game against Roosevelt that came down to the last possession. A huge thanks to the parent volunteers for finding ways to livestream our contests and Sports Beat for providing commentary and content at our Football game on Saturday. Looking forward to an exciting week ahead! 

Cross Country
The Cross Country Program was at Pier Park and Jackson Middle School this past week for our first two  meets of the year. According to the coaches, “we are off to a great season having a lot of fun and lots of  excitement around the progression. Training has been consistent and is paying off. The community is  looking forward to what is to come! The Cross Country student-athlete of the week is Charlotte  Richman. Charlotte has been battling one of the top athletes in the nation- Franklin's Kaiya Robertson and has established herself as one of the top xc runners not only in the state of Oregon, but across the  nation. Charlotte is a standout athlete. We are very excited about opportunities for her to grow both  individually and with our team. The program is off to Lents Park this week for their meet.” 

Our Football team was in a battle on Saturday against the Riders from Roosevelt. Roosevelt quickly  jumped out to an 18-0 lead but the team was able to put together some impressive drives that brought  us back into the game. The game went back and forth for the last 5 minutes with our team tying the  game on a decisive run from Jayden Brannan. The Riders responded with a touchdown of their own that  ultimately proved the winning touchdown. The Football student athlete of the week is Logan Leybold.  According to the coaches, “Logan excels in the classroom, excels on the field of play and with his work  ethic, he will excel in whatever path he chooses. Logan had SEVERAL sacks and tackles for losses in last  night’s game. Although double-teamed often, Roosevelt had no answer for him. He was instrumental in  opening up holes in our running game as well, even though the opponents were 50, 60, 70 pounds  bigger than him. Thank you Logan for all you do for IBW Football‼️” 

Women’s Soccer 
Coach Richards had this to say about the season so far. “It is an exciting year for the IBW Women's  Soccer program - and one in which we are most grateful that we get to be out on the field dad. We have  57 girls in the program this year, including a huge and exciting freshman class of 26. Both Varsity and JV  look to balance their youth with some key upper classmen leadership (JV is off to a convincing start with  two comfortable wins and lots of goals), while our JV2 team is stronger than ever, and embraces a tough  schedule against some the top programs in the area. The student athlete of the week from the program  is Skylar Livolsi (Fr.) Skylar is consistently one of the hardest working players at every opportunity she is  given. No matter the situation or competition, practice or game, Skylar shows up ready to compete and challenge those around her. She scored the well-deserved opening goal of the season during her first game as part of our 2-1 win over Century HS.” 

Men’s Soccer 
According to Coach Lomanto, “the boys dominated possession against Beaverton to win 2-0 on Monday battled back from being down twice on Friday for a 3-2 at Centennial. They remained calm, stuck to the  game plan despite conceding in the first minute, and slowly worked themselves back into the game. The Friday game highlighted their mental toughness and composure and demonstrated the strong character of this team.” 

Coach Mendak had this to say about the season thus far. “The season is going by fast, not too many practices and already two matches. We are 1-1 after losing a close one to Grant on Friday in five sets.  Fortunately, we will see them again and will be ready. Next week we have two matches. We look  forward to continue playing and growing together as a team and program." Their student athlete of the week is Melia Patrick. Melia's senior year and she is starting where she left off. Leading the team on and  off the court, from jersey distribution to setting up team communication or working hard at practices,  she is always leading by example and under control. Melia is an all-around student-athlete and should  be recognized again this season as one of Oregon's best setters.” 

Weekly Tips:
“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to  achieve that beauty.” ― Dr. Maya Angelou, Renowned Poet & Memoirist 

I. Get Out Of Your Own Way 

Gentle reminders for the week ahead: 

∙ View challenges as opportunities to turn our wounds into wisdom. 

∙ Do not strive to be the smartest person in the room. Strive to be the best listener in the room.

∙ If we are going to change a person's behavior and performance, the first thing we have to do is change  the way they think. 

∙ We have a choice of either welcoming change or resisting change. Realize there is always a price we  have to pay directly or indirectly as we grow. 

II. Journeying Into the Now 

∙ Past = Who We Were 

∙ Present = Who We Are Right Now 

∙ Future = Who We Can Be

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is  called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.” ― The 14th Dalai Lama 

III. We Can’t Rush Time 

“I will not be distracted by noise, chatter, or setbacks. Patience, commitment, grace, and purpose will  guide me.” ― Louise Hay 

∙ Ideas need time to mature. 

∙ Talent needs time to develop. 

∙ Trust needs time to be built. 

∙ Companies need time to grow. 

∙ Good habits need time to reward. 

∙ Relationships need time to strengthen. 

IV. This Week I Will 

1. Develop resiliency. 

2. Manage my energy. 

3. Record my self-care. 

4. Lean into my creative self. 

5. Stretch beyond my comfort zone. 


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