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Ida B. Wells HS Athletics Update

03/01/2021, 9:45am PST
By Mike Nolan, Athletic Director

Ida B. Wells Athletic Update 
“Somewhere behind the athlete you’ve become and the hours of practice and the  coaches who have pushed you is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never  looked back… play for her.”- Mia Hamm 

Greetings Sports Fans!  

To say that tomorrow is a big day is an understatement. We host out first contests in over a year  tomorrow in our stadium when we host men’s soccer contest against Beaverton. Looking forward to  seeing our student-athletes and coaches on the pitch tomorrow! The rest of our fall programs have their  first contests this week as well. Going to be an exciting week of Ida B. Wells Athletics! 

Transportation + Pre-Screening 

The district is providing transportation to contests. The bus schedule is included in this update. Every  student-athlete will need to go through the pre-screening process before they get on the bus. If a  student-athlete does not ride the bus, they will have to go through the pre-screening process before  they enter the facility. It is extremely important to communicate to our coaches if your student-athlete  is not going to be on the bus. Communication is key.  

Contest Schedules 

The schedule for this weeks’ contests are included in this email and as a reminder, we cannot host  spectators during contests. That includes lining along the fences as well.  

Cross Country 
Our Cross Country program is gearing up for an exciting season with a solid group of returning runners  and a staff that has done an outstanding job of creating an amazing running culture. Their athlete of the  week is Freshmen Simon Walsh. According to Coach Esbensen, Simon has entered his first high school  cross-country season with a bang. His inspiration and leadership are remarkable. Rarely have we seen an  athlete with his confidence and ability to lead. We are so grateful to have him as an essential member of  our TEAM. They travel to Pier Park for their first contest this week. 

Women’s Soccer 
The Women’s Soccer Program is continuing to build a foundation of competitive, inclusive, and fun  soccer under the leadership of 2nd year coach Josh Richards and his staff. They have a solid nucleus of  returning players and very athletic freshmen sophomore group. They are poised to have an exciting  season ahead. They have a big week with a full slate of JV2, JV, and Varsity contests.  

Men’s Soccer 
Our Men’s Soccer Program is excited to get things started with our new Head Coach, Dylan Lomanto and  his staff. They too bring back a solid group of returners mixed with a talented freshmen and sophomore  class. They have a big week with a full slate of JV2, JV, and Varsity contests. 

The Football Program is poised and ready to make a splash this year with our new Head Coach, Keith  Bennett and his staff. It has been great to watch the Football Staff build a culture of football that is going  to translate into success for the program. Looking forward to them taking on the Rough Riders of  Roosevelt on Saturday! 

Our Volleyball Program has been under the steady leadership of Mark Mendak and his staff and they  continue to build a culture of inclusivity, family, and competitiveness. They are looking to fill the gaps of  a talented senior class from last year. They have key returners that provide leadership for a young  program. We face off with Madison and Grant this week.  

Ida B. Wells HS Athletics Week of March 1 - March 6

Monday, March 1
Men’s Soccer
JV2 vs Lincoln 4pm @ Delta Grass Field 
Bus Departs @ 245pm; Pre-Screening @ 230pm 

JV vs Beaverton @ 530 Wells Stadium 
Varsity vs Beaverton @ 730 Wells Stadium 

Tuesday, March 2
Women’s Soccer @ Century
JV, 4:00pm
Bus Departs @ 3pm; Pre-Screening @2:45pm 

Varsity, 7pm 
Bus Departs @ 5pm; Pre-Screening @ 4:45pm

Wednesday, March 3
Women’s Soccer 
JV2 vs Sherwood @ Delta Grass Field 4:00pm 
Bus Departs @ 245pm; Pre-Screening @ 2:30pm 

Men’s Soccer 
JV2 vs Lincoln @ Delta Grass Field 4pm 
Bus Departs @ 2:45pm; Pre-Screening @ 230pm 

Cross Country @ Pier Park 
Varsity Women: Bus Departs @ 130pm-Pre-Screening @ 1:15pm 
Varsity Men: Bus Departs @ 2pm; Pre Screening @ 1:45pm
JV1: Bus Departs @ 230pm; Pre-Screening @ 2:15pm 
JV2: Bus Departs @ 3pm; Pre-Screening @ 2:45pm 

Thursday, March 4
Volleyball vs. Madison
JV2: 4pm; Pre-Screening, 3:15pm 
JV: 530pm; Pre-Screening, 4:45pm 
Varsity: 7pm, Pre-Screening, 6:15pm 

Friday, March 5 
Volleyball @ Grant 
JV2 Bus Departs @ 245pm-Pre-Screening 230pm 
JV Bus Departs @ 415pm-Pre-Screening @ 4pm 
Varsity Bus Departs @ 530pm-Pre-Screening @ 530pm 

Women’s Soccer vs Aloha 
JV @ 4pm Rieke; Pre-Screening @ 315pm 
Varsity @ 730pm Wells Stadium ; Pre-Screening @ 645pm 

JV2 vs West Linn @ 4pm Delta Turf #7 
Bus Departs @ 245pm-Pre-Screening @ 230pm 

Men’s Soccer @ Centennial 
JV @ 245pm ES Tim Complex 
Bus Departs @ 130pm; Pre-Screening @ 115pm 
Varsity @ 245pm ES Tim Complex
Bus Departs @ 130pm; Pre-Screening @ 115pm

Saturday, March 6
JV Grant vs Lakeridge @ 10am 
Varsity Jefferson vs Lincoln @ 1230pm 
Varsity Wilson vs Roosevelt @ 4pm; Pre-Screening begins @ 3pm 

The Ida B. Wells Athletic Department is committed to supporting our student-athletes to thrive in the  classroom, promoting character, fostering healthy competition, and building bridges in our community


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