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Wilson Athletics Update

02/22/2021, 9:15am PST
By Mike Nolan, Athletic Director

Ida B. Wells Athletic Update 

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination. ~ Tommy Lasorda  

Greetings Sports Fans!  

Monday we begin Season 2 with our Volleyball, Cross Country, Football, and Soccer Programs are gearing up for an exciting season. I want to thank our fall coaches for providing and inclusive, safe, and positive experience for our student-athletes and community. It definitely has not been easy adjusting to the new protocols that we have put in place to ensure our community’s safety and well-being. However, they have done an outstanding job of making the best of the situation that has been presented to us. 

Season 2 Athletic Programming Starting 2/22/21  

Women’s Soccer will hold their first two days of workouts on Monday and Tuesday starting at 330-530. Student-athletes will enter the northeast gate of the stadium. 

The Volleyball Program will hold their workout from 4-6pm in the gym. Student-athletes will need to enter at the northeast entrance. 

Our Football Program will begin their workouts at 330pm on the practice field. Student-athletes are directed to enter the field from Vermont St. 

The Men’s Soccer Program will do the following for the first week and will enter the stadium at the northeast gate of the stadium. 

∙ Monday Fr/So 630am-8am  

Jr/Sr 530-7pm  

∙ Tuesday Fr/So 530-715pm  

∙ Wednesday Fr/So 630am-8am  

Jr/Sr 5-630pm  

∙ Thursday Jr/Sr 530-715pm  

∙ Friday JV2 630-8am  

JV/Var 5-630pm  

Family ID – Please visit to register for  Season 2 athletics. A student-athlete must have a registration completed and a valid physical on file in  order to begin participation in Season 2. To make a payment, you can visit  Visit our website for complete registration details: 

Safety Protocols - Safety is our number one priority as we navigate the upcoming seasons. When it  comes to practices and competitions, the following protocols will be in place: 

● All student-athletes and staff will wear masks at all times. 

● Social distancing will be maintained whenever possible. 

● Screening questions will be asked prior to entry to our facilities. 

● Only cleared PPS Coaches and volunteers are allowed on our premises to work with our student athletes.

● Spectators will not be allowed to attend contests. We are working on a plan to provide content  for our community. 

● Social distancing will be maintained on our sidelines. 

● Student-athletes will bring and use their own water bottles.  

Transportation Protocols - PPS will be providing transportation for our student-athletes and the  following protocols will be in place: 

● Face covers (cloth or disposable) must be worn at all times, unless you are working alone in a  space or area not subject to foot traffic or entry by other individuals. 

● Face covers are required to be worn while driving a vehicle anytime others are present in the  vehicle Face Shields are not an approved face covering. 

● Drivers must always wear face coverings during loading/unloading at the school(s).No one is  allowed to sit in the seat directly behind driver 

● Students are required to wear face coverings 

● Buses are sanitized daily 

● Drivers are to sanitize the high touch areas in between all trips. 

● No more than one person per seat (unless from the same household) 

● The large buses (83pk) have 28 seats; we would be able to transport 27 people. ● The Standard bus (72pk) has 24 seats; we would be able to transport 23 people. 

Season 2: Community + Program Meetings - On February 24 at 7pm, the Ida B. Wells Athletic  Department will host a Zoom Meeting for all parents and student-athletes to go over the details of  Season 2. Afterwards, individual programs will host their own Zoom Parent Meetings to go over their  respective season with parents and student-athletes. We will publish the Zoom link next week and  programs will do the same. Please use the following link for the meeting hosted by Leanne Van Horn and  myself. 

Athletic Eligibility - A quick reminder that all student-athletes must be enrolled in three of four classes  to be eligible for athletics. Make sure to reach out to your counselors for assistance.  

Additional Resources - The Ida B. Wells Athletics Department is committed to always finding resources  that promote the overall well-being of our student-athletes and coaches. We encourage our coaches  and student-athletes to find ways to be more inclusive, promote a growth mindset, and be more  reflective in their sport and practice. The following podcast is a great resource on how to improve  learning through modeling. Finally, we always recommend visiting our partners at the Positive Coaching  Alliance and their DevZone page. It has great resources for parents, student-athletes, and coaches. g 

The Ida B. Wells Athletic Department is committed to supporting our student-athletes to thrive in the  classroom, promoting character, fostering healthy competition, and building bridges in our  community.


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