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Wilson Athletics Weekly

09/08/2020, 8:45am PDT
By Mike Nolan, AD

"Being grateful is a state of mind and a daily commitment. Small or large gratitude affirmations that are acted upon can be transformative and allow other areas of our lives to flourish and move forward one step at a time."

Greetings Sports Fans! The quote above reminds me of how grateful I am to be a part of such a great community that is dedicated to ensuring all of our students have an opportunity to learn and grow in a positive and inclusive manner. To say that the last six months has been difficult for so many families does not really come close to describing the tumult that has shook our country and world. From the pandemic, to economic unrest, and the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement, as a nation, we have to find ways to heal and overcome. The task ahead of us is not going to be easy and will not happen overnight, but I am optimistic and hopeful that things will get better and we can find ways to better engage our fellow humans and provide opportunities for our student-athletes that is meaningful, inclusive, and built upon solid foundations. As an Athletic Department, we are committed to those ideals, especially after all that has transpired in the last six months. The PIL District Athletic Office in conjunction with the OSAA, OHA, and ODE are working on a framework that can hopefully allow our coaches to start the process of reconnecting with our student-athletes. The work that has been carefully drawn up relies upon data and information that is based upon all models that can ensure a safe return to play. With that being said, things are always fluid and in these critical months ahead, it is incumbent on all of us to make sure we are doing the right thing at all times. The OSAA Governing Board has released the following calendar and timeline for a return to play. Please note that we will not start Season 1 until we get approval from the PPS School Board and the PIL District Athletic Office.

Season 1-August 31-December 27th During Season 1, it is an extension of the summer season where coaches can work with players, condition, and hold scrimmages. Student-athletes will need to be cleared through Family ID.

Season 2- December 28th -March 7th  Winter Sports o Swimming, Wrestling, Girls/Boys Basketball, Cheer/Dance  First practice date: December 28th (August 31st for Dance and Cheer)  First contest date: January 11th  Culminating Event Week: March 1-6 (March 8-13 for Cheer)

Season 3: February 22nd-May 2nd  Fall Sports o Cross Country, Women’s Soccer, Men’s Soccer, Volleyball, Football, Dance/Cheer  First practice date: February 22nd  First contest date: March 8th (March 16th for football)  Culminating Event Week: April 26th-May1 (May 3rd-8th for football)

Season 4: April 19-June 2th  Spring Sports o Track & Field, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Softball  First practice date: April 19th  First contest date: May 3rd  Culminating Event Week: June 21-26 Social Emotional Learning

As an Athletics Department, we understand the value and importance that athletics can have on the growth of student-athletes. As a staff, we are committed to the social and emotional learning of our student-athletes this year coupled with growing leadership and character. We are working on a twelve week curriculum that is centered around social and emotional learning. Our hope is to offer this content as a credit that student-athletes could earn after completion of the course. Each unit and theme would be taught by a member of the coaching staff with opportunities for our student-athletes to engage in a positive way. Resources The following resources might be helpful as we navigate the times we are living in. If you haven’t downloaded the app Libby, I highly recommend it. It is a user friendly app that links to the Multnomah County Library where you can reserve all sorts of great reads and in the audio version as well.

From the entire Wilson Athletic Department, we look forward to reconnecting with our student body and community as a whole. 

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