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Wilson Athletics Weekly

01/28/2020, 11:45am PST
By Mike Nolan

Greetings Sports Fans!

We are officially done with the first semester of the school year! Amazing how time flies! I want to give a special thanks to our teachers who continually strive to make Wilson an amazing school. They are constantly working on innovative curriculum, creating inclusive environments, and looking after each student with care. Our entire staff, including paras, support staff, counselors, and custodians all are working to support Wilson to create a positive and safe environment. Finally, I want to thank your student-athletes and coaches for their hard work and commitment this first semester. Great things continue to happen in our community! We March On!


Character and Leadership

Being a great teammate is such an important part of the journey that a student-athlete takes when they commit to a team. Watching a team come together to celebrate success and learn from defeat is powerful. The following link from our partners at the Positive Coaching Alliance is a great reminder about becoming a great teammate.


Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship

Our partners are the Positive Coaching Alliance are offering the Triple Impact Competitor Scholarship to any high school junior (class of 2021) through an application process. You can find more information and apply at The deadline to apply is May 31, 2020. They will be handing out at least 50 scholarships ranging between $500 and $2000.


Wilson Hall of Fame Class of 2020

Please join us on March 13th in the Wilson Gym as we introduce and induct the newest class to the Wilson Hall of Fame starting at 9:30am.

· Sam Porter Class of 92

· Stuart Fewel Class of 09

· Michael Holm Class of 80

· Jim Smith Class of 61

· Jeff Rudolph Class of 77

· Mike Gits Class of 96




Wilson Booster Club

The Booster Club does an outstanding job of supporting all things Wilson and we cannot thank them enough for all of their work. If you are interested in becoming a member or would like to volunteer at one of our home contests, please visit the following site.


Spring Sports

With spring sports right around the corner, a couple of quick things. First, it is never too early to sign up for a spring sport, you can do that at and the process is easy, especially if you already have an account set. Finally, spring coaches are utilizing the 6A rule of six hours per week of fundamental and program building. If you have any questions or are looking for schedules of workouts, please visit our website to reach out to the coaching staff.


School Modernization Efforts

I am sure you are all aware that there are three schools that are still waiting to hear if the school board is going to put Cleveland, Jefferson, and Wilson on the 2020 Ballot for a bond proposal. As a community member, former teacher, and now serving as your Athletic Director, I cannot stress how important it is to make your voices heard regarding this issue. Write, email, or call our school board and let them know how important it is for the final three PPS Schools to be on the next ballot. Our community of students and athletes deserve a new facility!


The WHS Dance Team

This team is about teaching not only dance but also long-term memory, timing, spatial awareness and fun. Traffic is a planned execution. Choreography, your own moves, your songs and more. Join us in performance and competition for the year 2020! We are hoping to perform and compete in 2020. You are welcome to tryout. We are looking for an array of talents as that is what will hold our team together. Kyleigh Elliot, Berkeley Woodbury, Paige Nelson, and Kelly Jeffcock have been the proud founders of the team in 2019. We will hold additional tryouts on May 1st.


Rivalry Week in Basketball

We host two important games this week against Lincoln on Tuesday night and Cleveland on Friday night. Lincoln has always been our traditional rival so come in and help us pack the gym for our cross-town rival. The Band will be there to get the crowd going along with the Cheer Program!


Three Questions That Turn Losing Into Learning

John O’ Sullivan who started Changing the Game Project talks about the post-game is just as important as the contest itself, especially if the results are not what you wanted. He distills it down to three questions that can help facilitate a great conversation. They include-

· What went well out there?

· What needs work?

· Why are we better because we lost today?

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