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Athlete of the Month

Justine Wendt

October Athlete of the Month

Senior, Justine Wendt-Justine is an outstanding young woman who is greatly respected by both staff and students here at Wilson. She has earned this respect due to her extraordinary attitude, generosity and the level of commitment that she puts into everything she does. Academically, Justine has always challenged herself with higher level courses and is a member of NHS. It is very impressive how she juggles a schedule of advanced classes, playing varsity sports, working a part-time job, being a peer counselor and volunteering in the community. Last year as a peer counselor Justine and another student developed a website and flyer for freshman parents to address mental health challenges and provided a list of resources for families. This was so well received! Justine is compassionate, ambitious, delightful and we are very proud to honor her with this recognition!

Ebrahim Khalifa

October Athlete of the Month

Sophomore, Ebrahim Khalifa-Ebrahim is a dedicated scholar, a generous soul, and a cool dude. He continuously reaches for excellence in the classroom with his individual work, and he also pushes the whole class forward with his enthusiastic participation. Ebrahim shares genuinely of himself to advance discussions and help folks understand new viewpoints. Anyone who has a class with Ebrahim can feel his positive presence. Ebrahim  is a great student and a great human being. He is always engaged in class and is an excellent classmate other students. He’s kind, friendly and caring.