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Athlete of the Month

March 2018 Athlete of the Month - Thomas Berg

March 2018 Athlete of the Month - Katie Reunert

Thomas Berg

According to his teachers:  "Thomas is an incredible leader. He has founded the Students of Color in Action Association (SOCAA) Club this year and has been instrumental in bringing racial equity to the forefront in conversations amongst his peers. In class, he is a standout student. He engages with the learning he advocates for himself and his peers, and treats everyone with respect and dignity."

"Thomas is an excellent student who does more than complete quality work on time. Thomas is curious and pursues his interests with passion. He has shown a commitment to classwork and helping his classmates when they struggle with material. Most importantly, Thomas advocates for justice. He is not just a student-athlete his a social justice advocate too."

Katie Reunert

According to a teacher, Katie Reunert is one of the hardest working and also one of the kindest students I've ever had.  For me, she represents the epitome of a student/athlete/person that seems to be adept at finding the proper balance between pursuing her education, playing sports, and being a good friend and family member.